About Us
Welcome to UCCTU.COM (The social networking platform of India).

Ucctu.com is an Online social networking web portal by Indian startups to connect all community, age group from any geographical location.

We have opened up UCCTU.com for popular consumption at Indian cities.

You can use UCCTU.com to

  • Search friends, relative and neighbors online
  • Sharing information in secure way in India portal
  • See a visualization of your social network by creating personal page and groups
  • Added features for IT Enabled services and social marketing

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1.After a lot of work from Bikash Infosystem Limited in IT ad ITeS the initiative has started to collaborate people in one platform and be the Indian startup for sharing information. After the statement of our Honorable PM Respected Narendra Modi, the dream of making in India, we thought to start from building Indian social networking website. On 26th jan 2015, we are starting our portal .

2. We know when we use facebook, twitter , linkedin and others we share ur information with US and other country. But the fact is most of the user of this portal is Indians. So even if the use is more in India, these company rocks in silicon valley and the importance of Indian IT goes down. Hence we request the individual from all over world specially Indian to use our platform and join hand in building nation with the dream of our PM.

3. We ensure for security , safety and featured based service. Our aim is to give a better user experience, most owned confidentiality and the important factor is employment. If anyone interested to join hand with us under the banner of Bikash Infosystem limited for its different initiatives and ventures, email us at bikashinfosystems@gmail.com or connect to bikashkumar.dash@gmail.com